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Counterfeit Used Panties

Fake used panties to sell to crazy people for big bucks
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I've heard people pay big bucks for used panties on some websites.

Why go through all the hassle to find some slut willing to wear a pear of panties so you can pack it and sell it to the crazy bastards out there?

Plus you'd also have to let the slut in for a cut of the big coin you just KNOW you will reap!

So here's the idea for Counterfeit Used Panties.

1. First go to your local dollar store, Wal-Mart, K-Mart wherever cheap undergarments are sold. Buy cheap 8 packs of panties.

2. Build a website for panty fetishes, then rant about selling used panties on it.

3. Take a can of tuna, and remove the tuna meat, leaving just the juice.

4. Dip the crotch area of the said Wal-Mart panty into the tuna juice dip.

5. Package it into a Ziploc bag, because those freaks like it nice fresh and moist!

6. Send it to the freak and cash in!

billistic, Nov 06 2003

half-bakers version http://www.halfbake...atterned_20knickers
[po, Oct 17 2004]

Bra-man of Least I Could Do http://www.leastico...s.php?date=20030809
one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. [Eugene, Oct 17 2004]


       Still, the more bad ratings this gets the better, the fish bones somehow make this post that much cooler....
billistic, Nov 06 2003

       Still how would this not work!!!   

       It's not like the freak will sue!   

       And besides, it's not like the freak will know the difference, they are buying used panties....
billistic, Nov 06 2003

       I know this isn't my bag, but I just can't help but to feel at least a little dumber for reading this one ...
Letsbuildafort, Nov 06 2003

       There's a market for this crap!   

       [google search for used panties replaced. Please don't post URLs in the annotations, use the [link] button instead. --jutta]
billistic, Nov 06 2003

       tuna juice?? the mind boggles..
po, Nov 06 2003

       Sure, knock your socks off!   

       [iamge URL moved. Please don't post URLs in the annotations; use the link button instead. --jutta]
billistic, Nov 06 2003

       It would be ironic if there were a trillion-dollar market for genuine fish-stained panties out there, and you missed it.
phundug, Nov 06 2003

       //Sure, knock your socks off!//   

       ...and dip 'em in tuna! And sell 'em to FREAKS on the internet!!!
k_sra, Nov 06 2003

       Where is [mahatma]?
k_sra, Nov 06 2003

       from [buddha_pest] profile page:   

       // an annoying vegetarian hungarian//   

       Don't doubt it.
billistic, Nov 06 2003

       From [phundug]'s profile page:   

- Car commercials//

       Indeed. Me also. Or me neither. Or not me, too. Indeed.
k_sra, Nov 06 2003

       Agreed, car ads suck.
billistic, Nov 06 2003

       Aren't they all?
billistic, Nov 06 2003

       And a sucky car ad is egregious.
Worldgineer, Nov 06 2003

       there is an hilarious uk car ad at the moment involving jellies on wheels. so funny I forget what its for..
po, Nov 06 2003

       ok ok, we're getting off topic here can we please stick to the Counterfeit Used Panties   

       or do they stick to you...
billistic, Nov 06 2003

       someone is going to post counter fate knickers any moment I can feel it in my water.
po, Nov 06 2003

       (uh-oh, [po]'s water is feeling things!)
k_sra, Nov 06 2003

       better than tuna juice..
po, Nov 06 2003

       Nah, don't encourage them. If you are one, [billistic], I'm giving you a negative vote so you won't be encouraged. (-)
k_sra, Nov 06 2003

       What is a 'desginer?'
RayfordSteele, Nov 06 2003

       Yes, but not if the idea is truly in earnest.   

       Not that it matters anyway; i'm sure this idea is baked anyway (sans tuna juice). Somehow I just don't think the people selling used panties online have much stock in the integrity of their product.
Overpanic, Nov 06 2003

       I like the idea for panties that fit things they aren't supposed to. Like your head for instance. Bra-man strikes again! With his trusty sidekick, Panty-boy!
Eugene, Nov 06 2003

       I must sadly infrom you all that this sordid little idea was baked by a friend, no, 'aquaintance' of mine at university in the pre-web era. He advertised said items in a newspaper of dubious merit that was in circulation at the time. He financed a years student life with the proceedings.
nichpo, Nov 07 2003

       To echo LetsBuildafort, I can't help thinking that the intellectual level round here ain't what it used to be.
goff, Nov 07 2003

       Theres enough fish up there to start a business.
skinflaps, Nov 07 2003

       [billistic] - You must be a very lonely individual...
KLRico, Nov 07 2003

       Maybe I'm just taking more notice of it lately then.   

       I'm working on baking a recent, fun, halfbakery idea (not one of mine), but this definitely ain't it.
half, Nov 07 2003

Mistress Bling, Nov 07 2003

       [UnaBubba], aren't you the resident troll chaser? Maybe we need to outsource...
k_sra, Nov 07 2003


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