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hands-free bladder bottle

Bladder delivery system frees your hand when feeding baby
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If you bottle feed a baby at all, you know that you're pretty much doing nothing else as long as baby is hungry, and if you need to do something with your hands, it can be tough.

Picture this...Instead of filling a plastic bottle with milk, you fill a plastic "bladder." The bladder connects to a comfortable neck strap so that it rests in front of you on your chest. From the bottom of the bladder comes a tube that connects into something like a modified pacifier. It is free-standing like a pacifier, but with a tube delivering milk. I think the nipple part would work by gravity, same as a bottle.

Why make this product?

You could actually carry baby to another room with both hands while s/he continued to drink milk. You could sit with baby in your lap and type an e-mail or send a text with both hands. Things like that.

If you had a front-facing baby carrier, you could even go shopping with one of these bad boys.

To qualm theoretical fears, the bladders are washable and/or disposable, as well as the nipples and tubes, and the neck strap feels like a professional massage.

[First halfbakery post. Many more oddball ideas in store.]

ShaneSezWhat, Jan 02 2010

Clarification http://i.imgur.com/P0OX0.jpg
[tatterdemalion, Jan 03 2010]


       Welcome to the HalfBakery, good post, looking forward to many more. [+]
FlyingToaster, Jan 02 2010

       so its not a breast then? surely baby deserves just a little peace & quiet during meals - quit multi-tasking for 15 minutes.
po, Jan 02 2010

       Not all parents have breasts, [po] ...   

       However you are right, baby feeding time probably should engage a fair bit of your concentration.
Aristotle, Jan 02 2010

       men can lactate apparently or is that an urban myth?   

       I get quite disturbed to see so many parents chatting on their mobiles as they walk along with their buggies (even jogging - sheesh!) rather than chatting/singing/laughing with their children.
po, Jan 02 2010

       Men can indeed lactate, given proper stimulation and possibly a bit of prolactin if needed.
Aq_Bi, Jan 02 2010

       Any worries about creating too large a head at the nipple?
phoenix, Jan 02 2010

       Great idea. Bakeable. Dad CAN lactate as-if with this invention. Mom's through time have been multitasking ever since there was more than one thing to do (always).
Mustardface, Jan 02 2010


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