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Crawl-killer mode

Adjust set to only show a certain vertical portion of the screen
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Many networks are surrendering increasing amounts of screen real-estate to logos, crawls, and other such garbage.

I would propose a function to allow a television set to show, centered, any desired vertical span of the picture. Some widescreen sets to allow options to just show the central portion of the frame vertically, but I would suggest being able to 'slide' the viewing window so as to best fit what's appropriate.

To this feature, add user presets and channel memory, so that it can automatically be engaged or disengaged when switching to channels that do or do not require it.

supercat, May 03 2003


       Cardboard template stuck to the screen could do this as well. The pre-sets wouldn't be quite as smooth as your version.   

       Our projection system allows a great deal of lattitude in adjusting what subregion of the scan is shown, allowing size, vertical and horizontal adjustment over a very wide range. This function has a preset store and recall feature but not on a source-by-source basis. Of course really the only thing ever shown on it is DVDs.
bristolz, May 03 2003

       For television sets with wider-than-normal aspect ratios, the goal would be to maximize the size of the viewable picture without losing anything 'good'. Merely using cardboard to block out the bad parts wouldn't be as good as being able to custom zoom and shift the picture. While some sets do have zoom and shifting features, I'm unaware of any that associate them with particular channels.
supercat, May 03 2003

       Okay, cardboard and issue each viewer a pair of cheap binoculars. Hire a servant to change the cardboard on a per source/channel basis.   

       Blonde jokes aren't funny.
bristolz, May 03 2003

       I like this idea for exactly the oposite need. I can't read the damned running order on the SpeedChannel crawl for some of the races. I would love to be able to manipulate the screen to show all or none of the crawl.
ato_de, May 04 2003


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