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Boxels for 3DTV

You can look, but you can't touch.
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In the not too distant future, the entertainment we pipe into our homes or load on our computers will have a tactile component. At the same time, the visual and audio components are likely to require and/or receive just as much and probably more screening for profanity and vulgarity. Well, children certainly shouldn't be able to touch most of the things we block from their view, but we must maintain continuity of the tactile space. Therefore, such objects (in certain case, entire human bodies) will need to be "boxelated" and textured to feel like a cold piece of rock.
centauri, Nov 14 2000


       In some cases, it'll just feel like part of a person is made of Jell-O!   

       Maybe this could spawn a whole new family of cold rock and jell-o fetishes.
ping, Nov 15 2000

       I'm more interested in this possibility of tactile tv entertainment(though what is the use of such a thing *except* for sex shows or massage lessons?) than in how they could be technologically regulated. No croissant, but no fish bones either.   

       It's easier to regulate what your kids watch(touch?) on tv by old fashioned methods anyways.
Crazy Bastard, Aug 17 2002

       You never know, hands on but still virtual sex ed could do a lot for the proficiency level of your average teenager ;-)   

       And possibly also make those safe sex lessons easier to ram home
PJ13, Oct 22 2003


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