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Credit card in your thumb

A microchip in your thumb is your credit card.
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A thumb implanted microchip could be used to swipe for purchases. The chip would be a miniature dupe of your current bank card and have a credit limit and a PIN. Could even use your thumb print for proper ID. No more fouled magnetic strips or explaining that you left your wallet in your other pants.

“Here, let me get that. I still have room on my thumb this month.”

whatrock, Dec 15 2015

Skim this article http://www.nowtheen...markOF_theBEAST.htm
its full of aluminum foil hattery [evilpenguin, Dec 16 2015]

[guncandy]? https://www.payment...s-its-matrix-moment
I've seen people with wallets so full of stuff, credit cards, pictures, notes to self, this could be a step towards reduction [whatrock, May 18 2020]

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       News Headline: " Man's thumb stolen in effort to loot his bank account. Victim comments "Glad I did not have credit card installed in my.." "
popbottle, Dec 16 2015

       I seem to remember everybody worrying about this in the 90's.   

       Make receive Bluetooth audio too and Ill bun it
evilpenguin, Dec 16 2015

       Why implant it?   

       A simpler solution would be to have it glued to the back of your thumbnail.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 16 2015

       Glue to back of thumb --- that would limit your credit. When the nail grows and you have to trim it you could say you were trimming back your budget.
RickRantilla, Dec 16 2015

       Is this contact or contactless? If contactless, where does the chip antennae go?
hippo, Dec 16 2015

       evilpenguin -- my next chip will be a Bluetooth audio player embedded in the ear canal. You adjust volume by grinding your teeth.
whatrock, Dec 16 2015

       Why help the enemy ?
piluso, Dec 16 2015

       //evilpenguin -- my next chip will be a Bluetooth audio player embedded in the ear canal. You adjust volume by grinding your teeth//   

       I really want to make a call making the thumb and pinky pantomime. They probably sell Bluetooth devices or something already to accomplish this but using your actual fingers really sells the act. They could even charge by wearing a inductive charging glove...
evilpenguin, Dec 16 2015

       Recently rad an article about a guy who implanted some kind of information chip in the flesh between his thumb and forefinger.
guncandy, Dec 17 2015

       If implanted or glued on areas beneath your clothes, it would be more protected. Also it would be an excuse to pantomime that elevator cowboy from the Gangam style video in front of the card reader, ideally with a long line of people waiting to check out behind you.
bungston, Jan 17 2016


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