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Cricket consultants

Business ethics advisory service
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We're well aware of the great shortage of ethics and morality in today's executive boardrooms. So you train a cadre of English-speaking crickets to sit on the shoulders of business executives and give them moral and ethical advice on the fly. I'm sure that if you look carefully enough, you'd find an ample supply of trustworthy, sensible crickets in the atomic testing fields of Nevada. The only cost, aside from occassional feeding, would be the business attire of these advisors: top hat, cane, spectacles on a silver chain, bow tie, spats, and a green coat with tails.
biff, Jul 19 2006


       nothing to do with Freddie Flintoff then.
po, Jul 19 2006

       //give them moral and ethical advice on the fly// so the cricket sits on the fly's back, and the fly on the executive's shoulder. Is there a special outfit for this fly? More detail please, but meanwhile [+] (despite magic component) for a kindly notion, and welcome [Biff] if you are new.
xenzag, Jul 19 2006

       Although Jiminy Cricket is one of my favorite characters, he really is the *symbol* of one's conscience. You are really saying that these executives need one of these...a moral and ethical conscience. This would be real magic, as I think they would just swat the bug off of their shoulder.
xandram, Jul 19 2006

       When caught on a sticky wicket,   

       just talk to one's shoulder cricket.   

       Whether Axis of Evil,   

       or just home-grown drivel,   

       He'll help you to correctly pick it.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jul 19 2006

       I read: "So you train a cadre of English-speaking cricketers..."
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 19 2006

       When you get in trouble
and you don't know right from wrong
give a little whistle, give a little whistle

When you meet temptation
and the urge is very strong
give a little whistle, give a little whistle

Not just a little squeak, pucker up and blow
and if you're whistle is weak, yell...

       Executive Cricket!
Zuzu, Jul 21 2006


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