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Crisp Dust

Otherwise known as potato chip dust
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Upon finishing off a packet of crisps, I always like to gouge the crisp dust out of the corners of the bag. For me, this is the best part of the whole crisp eating experience.

Why not market big bags of crisp dust?

spiritualized, Oct 08 2004

Morton Salt and Seasonings http://www.c-els.co...0070034&pchid=10190
[half, Oct 08 2004]

Crisco http://www.crisco.c...groupID=17&catId=63
[half, Oct 08 2004]


       There must be two googles. One that I use, and one that everybody else uses.
spiritualized, Oct 08 2004

       Why do you say that?   

       Make your own? (links)
half, Oct 08 2004

       I was thinking seasoned bread crumbs, but wasn't sure what they are called in the UK.
dentworth, Oct 08 2004

       Make my own google, now there's a thought. There'll be a small, artistic picture of my head in place of one of the o's in "google", and a javascript clock following your mouse pointer around the screen.
spiritualized, Oct 08 2004

       I have seen someone attempt to snort a crushed cheesey Quaver through a rolled £10 note (the classless bastard). It hurt him. A product such as this would only seek to encourage such inappropriate methods of consumption.
calum, Oct 15 2004

       its probably mainly salt so bad! - but we all do it so + for observation. as a halfbakery idea there should have been a twist to the thinking. nonetheless +1
po, Oct 15 2004


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