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Crisp Dust Slurry

Cool Flavorful Creamy Rich Slurry Goodness from a tube
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Crisp Dust cut with Cocacola - into the perfect consistency slurry: wet enough to not get stuck in your throat but dry enough to stick together and not break apart. This could be administered from a tube.
JesusHChrist, Sep 10 2006


       You're going downhill, you know. If you get any traction with this, they'll be making documentaries showing how you single-handedly created the great obesity pandemic of 2026.
DrCurry, Sep 10 2006

       Reminds me of the way some Icelanders drink vodka - open one end of a pack of digestive biscuits, pour in some vodka and mush around until it's suitably slurrified, then make a small hole in the other end and squeeze it out like toothpaste...
imaginality, Sep 10 2006

       recipe - see help menu.
xenzag, Sep 10 2006

       [+]. Tried to come up with something like this back in the bong-smokin' days. Can you do it with honey-baked ham crisps?
m_Al_com, Sep 11 2006

       I totally baked this when I was about 14 and in high school, when the drink with which I would wash down my lunch of three Biscuit Boost bars was a can of Coke containing a fair number of mashed "On-yoms" – pickled onion flavour corn snacks. Back in those days you could eat like a prince on just £1 a day.
calum, Sep 11 2006

       Sounds 'orrible.
DrBob, Sep 11 2006


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