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Crispy Potato Leaves

Chips cut to resemble the shapes of leaves.
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Colors match the flavors. Yellow = plain, orange = cheese, red = barbecue, green = onion. Mix and match.
jaksplat, Mar 22 2005

leaf shapes http://www.schoolsl...eaves/leaves01.html
[jaksplat, Mar 22 2005]

Twiglets http://www.google.c...oe=UTF-8&q=twiglets
[hippo, Mar 22 2005]


       I like this idea - a bowl of salted leaf-shaped crisps, mixed with nuts, would look very autumnal. You could even serve them with Twiglets (link) for the full woodland experience.
hippo, Mar 22 2005

       I think the obvious choice for packaging would have to be a tree trunk container.
AfroAssault, Mar 22 2005

       This would be a better appreciation of nature than folk get stumbling around a world of pointy sticks.
reensure, Mar 22 2005


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