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Croissant-filled chocolate

Chocolate treat with a tasty pastry filling.
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A block of chocolate, molded into the shape of a croissant, stuffed with buttery pastry filling. An inversion of the common chocolate-filled croissant, this product would appeal to chocoholics and starch-haters alike. Enjoy.
grip, Sep 08 2003


       Chocolat au pain? I'd eat it.
friendlyfire, Sep 08 2003

       A simple method of construction involves a croissant on a stick and a pot of melted chocolate. May be a good use for the old fondue set. +   

       (better hide this idea quickly - some may call this a recipe)
Worldgineer, Sep 08 2003

       How long before someone invents the bologna-filled custard tart?
DeathNinja, Sep 08 2003

       I was thinking of listing the hb relevant variations including: croissant-stuffed custard croissant-loaded fishbone etc. but I didn't.
grip, Sep 08 2003

       I want the croissant-filled chocolate jam burger I keep seeing on the HB.
oxen crossing, Sep 08 2003

       Hey, isn't this a recipe?   

       P.S. [Wordgineer]'s anno has by no means influenced my perspective.
Pericles, Sep 09 2003

       Unspoken rule #354: Recipes involving pastries and large amounts of chocolate are not to be considered recipes.
Cedar Park, Sep 09 2003


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