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Croissant Assisted Suicide

Eat Yourself to Death Subscription
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You prepay a fixed yearly fee and you are allowed to enter your bakery and eat anything you please for as long as you want.

Shorter term subscriptions increase the price.

If you expire in the bakery the bakery covers your funeral fees.

vfrackis, Jan 22 2024


       My sister worked in a high class busy German bakery. At the end of the day she was allowed to take home any cream buns that were left (and there were always quite a few left) The first day she came home with boxes of cream buns and the whole family sat down and had cream buns for tea.   

       After about a week of cream buns for tea we all decided that cream buns were overrated and we didn't really want cream buns for tea AGAIN.   

       I think she gave up the job a week or so later and got a different job working in a different shop just to get away from the cream buns.
pocmloc, Jan 22 2024

       This idea is arguably baked already without the subscription part.
sninctown, Jan 23 2024


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