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Digital Pricecard

LCD dpice cards for shop shelves
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By using LCD screens to display product prices (instead of cardboard):
Price changes would be instant and free (no printing costs or man power costs). Information on shelf layout and stocking quantities (amount on shelves) could be fed to the shelf packers directly. Information on actual product levels could be fed back into the shelf units to update the mainframe computer. Special offers and promotions could be dynamic (decided by computer). Animation could be added to attract additional attention and even potential revenue stream or preferential trade agreements.
andyg2, Sep 30 2007

R&D Makes Electronic Price Tag a Real Bargain http://www.bell-lab...97/january/7/1.html
done 10 years ago [funx, Sep 30 2007]

Fujitsu Electronic Shelf Labelling http://www.fujitsu....tail/solutions/esl/
Uses building lighting system to update prices [sprogga, Oct 01 2007]


       Good. Should be done.
the dog's breakfast, Sep 30 2007

       + I like it. Welcome to the halfbakery.
I'm questioning the *instant and free* part, though.
xandram, Sep 30 2007

       to my mind such a system would be extremely costly to introduce in reality. perhaps, it could pay off in huge supermarkets where there are zillions of goods.
funx, Sep 30 2007

       This would require all those tags to either contain batteries (which would need to be changed) or be connected to mains (which would be a bit of a wiring nightmare). Also goods are moved around on the shelves fairly often, perhaps just a few inches one way or another, but a cardboard tag is easy to relocate, will these be as simple?
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 30 2007

       An idea so wonderful it has already been done. See link.
sprogga, Oct 01 2007


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