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Croissant Shop

Research shows that eating half-baked foods will stimulate the creation of half-baked ideas
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An online shop where, for the small price of $0.50 (plus shipping and handling), one could order an exact, edible replica of the croissant in the Halfbakery logo. This croissant would be baked for only half the baking time of a traditional croissant. A fully baked croissant could also be made available for $1.00. All croissants would be rush delivered, as to keep as much freshness as possible.
thesmog, Jul 08 2005

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       But the HB logo is half of what looks like a fully-baked croissant, rather than an entire croissant subjected to only half the required bakingness.
hippo, Jul 08 2005

       "Hello, emergency services? My notion is stuck in the oven, and I can't... hello? Hello?"
Detly, Jul 08 2005

       Is "Birth of a Notion" on the tagline page? If not, it should be.
wagster, Jul 08 2005

       Oddly enough, I just went to the tagline page to check and that exact line popped up under the croissant. The hb is trying to unnerve me, but it won't succeed...
wagster, Jul 08 2005

       "Damn! - I left the oven on too long and now I've got one and a half croissants"
hippo, Jul 08 2005

       //but it won't succeed//   

       Er... no comment.
Detly, Jul 08 2005

       Oh, there's a coffee and croissant shop just down the road from the office - I think I'll save myself till 10am.   

       [edit] Well, it turned out to be a glazed berry scone, rather than a croissant - plus I might go for a bannana and cinnamon muffin this afternoon. Life really isn't so bad after a freshly baked confection.
zen_tom, Jul 08 2005

       // an exact, edible replica// are you saying that the croissant logo is inedible?   

       Baked, anyway - it's perfectly possible to buy half-baked croissants. They come in tins, and you finish baking them at home. (actual consumption of halfbaked foodstuffs not recommended - far better to play with them and show them off to your friends instead).
moomintroll, Jul 08 2005

       Ian, what's this thing about baking into existance? I've never cooked a croissant myself, so lack the cullinary knowledge.   

       Do unbaked croissants come in seed, or kernal form, to be nurtured to fruition in someone's oven?
zen_tom, Jul 08 2005

       It is a little-known fact that baby croissants are used as holy wafers. Pregnant baby croissants are colored hot orange, pink, green and yellow, and glued together like little Ed Wood spaceships to hold sweet-and-sour powder in certain French candies. If you are Catholic or recovering Catholic, remember what your mother told you -- that, once you place a baby croissant in your mouth, "Don't scrape Jesus off the roof of your mouth with your fingernails." Tongues only!
Dood, May 25 2006


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