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Exploding couch

The ultimate whoopie cushion
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Next time a friend sits on your couch, just push a button and it blows up along with making a really terrific fart sound, killing them instantly!
AfroAssault, Sep 15 2000


       Hmmm. It sounds like a good way of ending up with no friends. Wouldn't it be better if the couch swallowed them up and then deposited them unharmed in the basement instead? It'd make a great talking point.
Skinny Rob, Sep 15 2000

       I can think of one office I would like to send this to for a receptionist whose receptions are frostbitchin. I wouldn't lose any sleep if this {censored censored censored censored] was chunks on a wall.
thumbwax, Sep 16 2000

       Does anyone else notice a lot of anger recently in the halfbakery?
blahginger, Sep 17 2000

       Not me. None of us are arguing amongst ourselves. We all get along juuust fine. You look tired, would you like to take a nap? I'll go outside so as to not ruin my hear...disturb your slumber.
thumbwax, Sep 18 2000


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