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Four Poster Sofa

chill out
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Like a four poster bed, only it's a sofa. Pull the curtains, shut out the world, stretch out, and relax with a good book.
xenzag, Feb 05 2008

"Arabian Night" sofa http://www.lifeshop...oduct=427a90e6878e0
versatile four poster sofa opens out into a four poster bed. [pyggy potamus, Feb 06 2008]

Canopied Sofa http://aruba.hyatt....TQSNWGFAGGOCJWYOUP4
...is the term you're looking for. But I can only find one picture, and that's more a sofa bed. [DrCurry, Feb 06 2008]

Fantastic Four Poster http://www.imdb.com...044070144/tt0120667
[Amos Kito, Feb 06 2008]

http://www.goulafiguera.com/works/orwell/ [xenzag, Oct 10 2014]


       This, [xenzag], is an exceedingly good idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 05 2008

       What he said.
zeno, Feb 06 2008


       I have seen tramps experiment with a different concept that shares this name.
oniony, Feb 06 2008

       What [2 fries] said.
theleopard, Feb 06 2008

       As long as it doesn't block my vision during March Madness.
RayfordSteele, Feb 06 2008

       I could do with one now.
wagster, Feb 06 2008

       [Throws something at Amos Kito.]
DrCurry, Feb 06 2008

       I first thought of a Moroccan restaurant that has these. But if you've never been to one, these wouldn't be widely known to exist. so - for known to exist by me.   

       but I'll consider changing my vote.
dentworth, Feb 06 2008

       What wags said.   

       Think of the young teen couple, exploring their sexuality while watching a scary movie. The bloodlust begins and they snatch down the canopy, and another sort of lust begins...   

       Sweet. +++
blissmiss, Feb 06 2008

       [Dentworth]... would you remove that bone if I asked you nicely? For me?
wagster, Feb 06 2008

       what's with all this fecking frothy voile stuff getting in the way of the tv?
po, Feb 06 2008

       uhoh, - for what blissy said, and I donno Wagster, better have a better reason than batting your pretty brown eyes.
dentworth, Feb 06 2008

       My niece and I had this discussion months ago! <kicks self very very hard> Sure wish I'd thought to post it.   

       Fire up the spidergoat. I want my canopy in fine feta-scented silk.
elhigh, Feb 07 2008

       I know some girls who have used a lofted bed to provide curtains for their futon couch. Seems to me like there's a market for this.   

       The fecking frothy stuff should also help to recreate the grainy nature of nostalgic early TV, so that older generations will not feel so outdated when HDTV is the only way to view things.
ye_river_xiv, Feb 08 2008

       Nice to see someone getting an award nomination in 2012 for an idea I came up with in 2008! (see last link) ha
xenzag, Oct 10 2014

       " On the coconut sofa..."
normzone, Oct 10 2014


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