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giant bath

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I think it would be good if at the swimming pools .that the pools were filled with bubble bath and there were lots of shampoo and shower gell at the sides.So that it was like a giant bath .Except that everyone wore swimming costumes and goggles .
gizmo, Jul 20 2003

Roman Baths http://www.pbs.org/.../lostempires/roman/
No bubble bath or goggles however. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]


       giz, my love. I hope you are still inventing and not immersed in how the girls see you!!!
po, Jul 20 2003

       Foam party come swimming pool....might be good! (+)
silverstormer, Jul 20 2003

       could we have giant yellow ducks too
deeman, Dec 10 2003

       Yes lets. And then we could start using leaden cutlery, wear togas, build a coloseum and have mad emperors. (no wait, damn its been baked....)
rumbletumbler, Dec 10 2003

       <clasical scholar>I don't think that anyone has ever used leaden cutlery (unless you mean it's leaden with food). Even the mad-emperors would quickly notice that it killed off whoever ate from it. Besides, no one ever built the colosseum. They built the Flavian Amphitheatre and it was later named the colosseum due the Colossus outside.</cs>   

       I think this is a good idea. Rewrite it in rhyme, someone.
dbmag9, Feb 14 2006


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