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Happy [Many Worlds Interpretation] carpet

The carpet that makes more universes for you to be happy in
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It might be said that intentionality amidst multitudes of creation from quantum events, via the many worlds interpretation of physics (MWI), is rather startling.

Walking on carpet could generate many orders of magnitude more parallel universes than walking on a monoelemental flat surface. Thus there could be cheerful notices saying "duplicate emotion responsibly! if you feel happy, walk on the carpet, if not feeling your best, use the resonance quenched carbon fiber floor. Unnumbered quadrillions of you will be grateful!"

Any others?

P.S. I have heard of Everettian unity, it is just what if there is a non-unitary MWI happening?

beanangel, Oct 21 2018


       It's a fractal Sierpinski carpet, with infinite surface area.
8th of 7, Oct 21 2018

       If there is a non-unitary MWI happening then those walking the carpet get weft behind.   

       I suppose the parallel universes get destroyed again when you hoover?
pocmloc, Oct 22 2018

       The carpet is, literally, of course made of quantum strings.
RayfordSteele, Oct 23 2018

       +1 anno points for 2fries's pun.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 23 2018

       // Unnumbered quadrillions of you will be grateful! //   

       No they won't. And even if they were, you wouldn't feel any effect from it.   

       (Making more or fewer new universes does not affect the emotional state of the you in any of the resulting universes. (Believing one is (ir)responsibly creating new universes may, though.))
notexactly, Nov 07 2018

       Even though this idea probably shouldn't be extended, it could be. For instance and example, eating something that's (a) soft and squishy and (b) composed of more ingredients at the molecular level ought to generate more parallel universes than eating something that isn't and isn't. It may also be worth getting into the habit of running your hands through your hair when things are going well, and not doing so when things are not.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 07 2018

       [notexactly] I think they would feel happy because of chemicals in their brain, making duplicates with the same chemicals at an MWI amplifier increases the amount of happiness in the entirety of the MWI space.   

       Which brings up a nice idea, how can strolling the MWI carpet actually make people happier? Aside from nice art visible from the sides it might be possible to have an MWI optimized theme park (almost wrote Disneyland) where the computer-scanner determination of how good a time the visitor was having caused suggestions of further activities all trod or motored via MWI improved transportation.
beanangel, Nov 07 2018


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