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computerised blood pressure monitor

healthy, safer surfing.
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measuring your blood pressure at home routinely and simply will show you and your doctor just how much your blood pressure changes during the day while you surf the net, which is nice!

with some relatively straight forward software, a cuff linked to your mouse, a foot-pedal and a USB port you are well on your way to achieving this. after pumping up the cuff, until it feels slightly uncomfortable, using the foot-operated pedal: click onto a simple toolbar just below your browser to access the software; release the cuff with a right click of the mouse; make a note of the blood-pressure reading which will eventually appear in its own small window – not distracting from the page that you were formerly reading – in a data display which is customisable & personal.
you might choose a nice little pie chart or perhaps a single bar of colours moving from blue (indicating that you may need caffeine, nicotine or food) to red (dangerously high) or even one of those linear graphs that worryingly goes up and down hysterically or even more worryingly – flatlines.

don’t forget to save the data with date and time and don’t worry unduly about minor fluctuations.

po, Aug 10 2004


jurist, Aug 10 2004

       even more perfect!
flexi lexi, Jul 20 2006

       //don’t forget to save the data with date and time and don’t worry unduly about minor fluctuations.// That's easy to do in s/w as the measurements are taken - A low-cholesterol, sugar-free, gluten-free bun
Dub, Jul 20 2006


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