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Cruise Control Indicator

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If every car had its own 3x9 screen on its bumper it could make cruise control alot easier. When a driver wants to travel quickly on a highway the easiest way is to use cruise control, right? If there was a screen on the drivers rear bumper that stated his or her speed it would be very simple for a line of cars to travel safely at a fairly high speed. Even better would be for these devices to be only and always used in the left lane. Yes, its a given that the cops could get you with out even using their radar gun, but its only a thought.
luckyset5, Apr 26 2001


       3x9 what? Pixels? Feet?
egnor, Apr 26 2001

       You can tell within a few seconds whether you're going faster, slower or at the same speed as the car in front of you. Knowing this fact ahead of time isn't going to help keep the freeway going smoother...what you need to know is what the driver's next move is going to be.   

       In other words, this seems to be a variation on the joke "If everyone in rush-hour traffic moved at the same speed, shouldn't we all be going 55 mph?" The fact of the matter, however, is that people need to merge onto the freeway and approach 55mph, they need to make lane changes and need to get off at certain exits...all of these circumstances cause breaking and prevent a constantly smooth flowing freeway.
iuvare, Apr 26 2001

       55mph? pah.
tickle, Apr 26 2001

       Miles per *hour*? Pfft.
decafsilicon, May 22 2001

       What are the odds my speedometer is calibrated exactly like yours? Automating the process (which has been HalfBaked) makes more sense.
phoenix, Jan 21 2002

       Nah, what we REALLY need is a "match speed with car in front" device.
kschang, Jan 21 2002

       Mercedes-Benz has already this: to match the speed of the car in front. It's a RADAR system called DISTRONIC(TM) which both measures the speed and the distance of the car in front. You simply set your maximum driving speed (e.g 160km/h, 100 mph). When no car is in front the you ride that speed. When a car is in front then your car accelerates and deccelerates and keeps a safe distance.
Uute, May 21 2002


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