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Haptic Accelerator Pedal

Use haptic feedback to control acceleration in cars
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An issue with very fast vehicles is that it is easy to accelerate to speeds that are very dangerous for the driver and other road users. With a vehicle with lets say 300+bhp at hand it is too easy to overstep the 'safe for the conditions' mark and cause a terrible accident, and in light of this I propose using a haptic feedback actuator on the accelerator control.

Using a combination of laser and radar (for traffic density), roadmaps (urban area detection) and road surface monitors (to detect for wet conditions or loose gravel), and of course the standard equipment (tachometer, speedometer, gear sensor, accelerometer, traction control etc.) - all managed by an on board computer - the system would regulate the stiffness of the accelerator in order to prevent a careless driver from reckless driving.

The accelerator would still be completely depressible, and maximum acceleration could still be achieved even in precarious situations, however as the driving conditions become more dangerous, the driver is forced to press the accelerator much harder in relation to the how dangerous the conditions are.

Essentially the Haptic Accelerator Pedal would 'self-regulate' the vehicle from achieving speeds that are inappropriate for the conditions - regardless of the reckless intent of the driver.

Obviously a driver with very strong legs might be able to overcome the resistance of the accelerator and drive recklessly anyway - therefore the accelerator resistance can be adjusted (pre-drive) in order to suit the drivers physical leg strength.

Since speed is the main factor in fatal accidents the majority of the time, this simple Haptic Accelerator Pedal may contribute to fewer accidents and less devastating consequences of high speed collisions.

Of course such a system would be optionally over-ridable however this would be factory installed and cost a lot of money (even for super wealthy) and an inconvenience to by-pass.

Presumably another benefit of such a system would be for driver training purposes.

AngelEleven, Jan 10 2016

What is tactile feedback? http://www.ehow.com...ctile-feedback.html
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Haptic Technology https://en.wikipedi...i/Haptic_technology
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       Anti-Darwinian [-]
8th of 7, Jan 10 2016

       not directly Darwinian but the inconsistent UI keeps muscle-memory from forming.
FlyingToaster, Jan 10 2016

       aha! it is Darwinian from this perspective - rich person 'A' buys a car without the HAP and has an accident. Their genes are eliminated from the gene pool. Conversely rich person 'B' buys a car with HAP fitted and can continue to propagate their genes by reproducing enthusiastically with all the babes he picks up in his safer supercar. In this way rich guy B continues a preference in his prodigy for safer supercars. Ne? Truly survival of the fittest from a human perspective (survival of the smartest). May the best rich guy win. The muscle memory could be 'vascular', in the same way a car is an extension of some peoples 'manhood'. Safer sex if you like.   

       As far as women go, their preference over time may indicate that they are more attracted to men who have HAP fitted stupid cars, since they can sue for divorce or maintenance for much longer, since HAP dudes will basically live longer.   

       Should a female prefer to drive like a hapless idiot in a stupid car, she will find that her non HAP stupid car is not child friendly, however the wise woman will choose a HAP fitted stupid car since when her boyfriend/son/husband steals it for a joyride, she has less stress about the imbecile writing it off...possibly also lowering insurance premiums and allowing a greater budget for family nurturing effects/fashion accessories (to attract a mate) or holidays to keep the blood pressure under control.
AngelEleven, Jan 10 2016

       I think it would be better than the "max speed" limit which comes with some cruise control systems.   

       I tried this function once and hit the limit while overtaking. Not a good experience. At least the proposed system will allow someone to continue to control the car.
Ling, Jan 11 2016


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