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Cruise control override that works at any speed
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Use of proximity sensor and electronic fuel ignition (EFI) control to force throttle and create a speed change of ~1mph relative to another car sensed within two vehicle lengths. Activated when vehicles close to each other cover 1/8 mile at* constant relative velocity, that is, without overtaking or accelerating away. Apology to any man over machine types out there.
reensure, Aug 03 2000


       What the hell does "1/8 mile constant relative velocity" supposed to mean. Sounds like word salad. (bunch of words that sound good together)
turboflier, Aug 03 2000

       "word salad" is a great phrase. I shall use it.
hippo, Aug 03 2000

       I still don't get what this is supposed to do. I don't understand "EFI control" or "throttle change of ~1mph" or "constant relative velocity".   

       (To me, a constant relative velocity would be someone else going twice as fast as I am for a long time, but that would be unlikely to keep them within two car lengths of me.)
jutta, Aug 04 2000

       Perhaps this is a device to change your cruise control setting when it's exactly the same as someone else's, so you're driving very close to them for a long time. In other words, it's for when you're in a situation where you don't want to take off the cruise control, you just want to be a little farther away from someone else's car. It triggers when a) you're less than two car-lengths away from the other vehicle b) you've been going the same speed as them for more than 1/8th of a mile, i.e. the relative velocity is 0. So, to rectify the situation, the device speeds your car up by 1 mph, just so you're not quite so close. (If you actually notched up the cruise control, you might well be going too fast.)
mcfrank, Aug 04 2000

       wake up, and drive your own car. pay attention to what's going on. if you depend on your electronic everything control, eventually as all things do, it will fail, and you will become a danger to yourself and others. it's mainly the others that i'm worried about.
tekniq, Jul 17 2001


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