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Crunchy Muahahas

chips for the wealthy
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These potato chips would be perfectly sized, perfectly colored, perfectly seasoned, individually wrapped, named something French, and sold for $50 per Presentation Box of 50.

That's "crisps" for you, pocmloc.
Voice, Apr 15 2011


xandram, Apr 15 2011

phundug, Apr 15 2011

       So would the individual wrapping be made of the Plastic That Will Not Be Silent, just like regular crisp packets?
gisho, Apr 15 2011

       Or newspaper, like normal chip wrappings?
pocmloc, Apr 15 2011

       There should be only one per canister, and the canister is a nitrogen-filled little plexi aquarium. The chip itself is peeled contiguously from a single potato, using the entirety of the potato. The resulting tangled deliciousness is presented as edible art. This would be a good thing to serve at a fundraiser for an art museum.
bungston, Apr 15 2011

       //canister // "Presentation box," Shirley?
mouseposture, Apr 15 2011

FlyingToaster, Apr 16 2011

       ok, lets say I'm wealthy, well I didn't get that way by being a nitwit in the grocerie buying greasy, cheezy, junk food for outrageous prices. Give me a little credit for having some brains and class, Thanks, Mrs. Gotrocks.
dentworth, Apr 16 2011

       /well I didn't get that way by being a nitwit in the grocerie buying greasy, cheezy, junk food for outrageous prices/   

       true for you, but not for your kids or your spouse! Haw haw haw! They're spending your hard earned cash on $50 potato chips!
bungston, Apr 16 2011

       The potato should be carved into an intricate, delicately hollow sculpture of a cherub on ice skates, with wings extended.
RayfordSteele, Apr 21 2011

       and dipped in dark chocolate
dentworth, Apr 25 2011

       Do they come in quail's egg and caviar flavour?
Wrongfellow, Apr 28 2011


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