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For enigmatists everywhere
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Language, with all its intended meanings and misinterpretations, causes an immense amount of timewaste; time spent scouring dictionaries, philosophising over the deeper nuances of a single word, reading agony columns to find out if your partner really does love you when they say they do etc.

To end all this angst, speak only in cryptitudes which no one will have a hope in hell of understanding; i.e "I felt like a teabag at a barndance" or "That top suits you like a greenfly adorning a coconut". If challenged, smile cheerfully and continue to verbally bemuse along the same lines.

Phrontistery, Jul 19 2012

Incomprehensible Language Incomprehensible_20Language
[tatterdemalion, Jul 19 2012]

Hexagigadecimetrical hypothesis of increasing disapprehension Hexagigadecimetrica...g_20disapprehension
[tatterdemalion, Jul 19 2012]

Steve Miller Band- the pompatus of love http://www.youtube....watch?v=PmVusVh4TRQ
Listen here. [sqeaketh the wheel, Jul 22 2012]


       I do not necessitate your rhinoceros.
Alterother, Jul 19 2012

       Maybe so, but don't wager all your brass pianos on the last electric hamster.
8th of 7, Jul 19 2012

       This is pure misembulation, is it not?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 20 2012

       Precisely not, the doorbell spaketh, this waffle manifests the very essence of Grüemeister's Irreverence Theorom. Eels, I say!
Alterother, Jul 20 2012

       Eels indeed.
tatterdemalion, Jul 20 2012

       When tempests roar, I'll have some more
of soup with rancid barnacle.
Though ducks do strut, distributing smut,
the post is "be an Oracle" ?
FlyingToaster, Jul 20 2012

       You see, [Quest]? Those guys know which side of the cheese to eat. Eels to all.
Alterother, Jul 20 2012

       It's the pompatus of love all over again.   

       Shaka, when the walls fell.
RayfordSteele, Jul 22 2012

       A grassitive vote from me on this one [?]
pocmloc, Jul 22 2012

       Well, if the wind were Southerly, they would be able to tell a hawk from a handsaw, shirley?
8th of 7, Jul 22 2012


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