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Cryptocurrency Commenting System

Comments with a requirement to assign a valid transaction ID for the comment to show up.
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This would be useful for all kind of websites that want to raise funds for projects.

The modern variety of popular cryptocurrencies (over a hundred of them) allows transactions of great granularity of value, from billionths of a dollar. There's no reason why we couldn't donate a little bit every time we write a comment.

I had not seen such a commenting system yet.

(Requirement: the system would have to have the valid users, and each user would have to register their set of wallets, needed to verify weather or not the transaction ID entered matches two users in the system.)

Inyuki, Jul 13 2014

DogeCoin on Cryptsy. https://www.cryptsy.com/markets/view/132
[Inyuki, Jul 13 2014]


       // needed to verify weather //   

       So, you have to pay with money put aside for a rainy day ?
8th of 7, Jul 13 2014

       ...or actually, put the money aside for a rainy day of another user.
Inyuki, Jul 13 2014

       If only there were such granular coins. I would not hesitate at all to leave a tip!
bungston, Jul 13 2014

       According to Cryptsy, the last 24 hour highest price of DOGE coin:   

       1 DOGE = 0.00000045 BTC = 0.000279 USD.   

       You can use the transaction fee of a DOGE coin transfer, of 0.0001 DOGE (=0.000279*0.0001 USD), which is 27.9 billionths of a dollar.   

       There are other, very cheap coins.
Inyuki, Jul 13 2014

       Because speech should never be taxed I oppose this.
Voice, Jul 13 2014

       [Voice], in my opinion, taxes should be voluntary and optional. After all, it's chatfunding.
Inyuki, Jul 13 2014


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