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Do it later

Saves state and reminds you when you finally do have time
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[edited for clarity]

OK, you just finished filling in a complicated web form, you went through four pages until you reached here, but now you gotta run off to catch the train, and can't submit. The real problem is that this website will tell you that the session was lost, and while you are away chances are that your OS will restart the computer for updates. So now all that information is lost together with the session?

Do it later to the rescue!!

This program stored all your open choices and typing in that still open unsubmitted website, along with a list of visited sites. You can easily click "don't track" when needed.

Will refill the web form, or rewrite the wikipedia article with placeholders that have your notes of what to search for.

Probably a browser add-on, but perhaps also a website and smartphone-app.

Name: filled-in Address: filled-in Zip: {Need to find the zip in that country for that address}...

Also saves your relevant searches and notes about the results and what you still need to look for.

If you weren't able to find it, you'll use helpmesearch (another halfbakery idea not listed yet) for sharing your needs with the web community.

You can prioritize the do-it-later items, categorize them and tag them with keywords.

An interesting application of the Do-It-Later would be to use it for filling in a do-it-later form recursively.

pashute, Feb 17 2016

NotExactly pointed this out. It's exactly it. baked :-( https://chrome.goog...gopdkppkifgno?hl=en
[pashute, Jul 26 2017]



       You can kinda kludge the form-refilling part of this with Lazarus, but it's far from optimal for this purpose (has no reminders, confuses forms between different sites/pages, refuses to store anything for longer than 14 days).   

       /r/helpmefind exists.
notexactly, Feb 17 2016

       I'll respond to that later in more detail. Meanwhile, thanks!!
pashute, Feb 19 2016

       OK. Looked. It's exactly this idea. October 2014   

       @notexactly is not exactly not exact. In this case he is. Exactly.   

       (finding an idea to + you)
pashute, Jul 26 2017

       This 'later' person is going to be severely overworked.
wjt, Jul 26 2017

       What you need to do, if you're always behind, is to go on eBay or Amazon and order yourself a round tuit.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 26 2017


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