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Customer Suggestions web

Like StackOverflow or StackExchange but for Customer Suggestions
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Get the worldwide web users crowd, engaged in suggestions for software improvement, even if the company doesn't have an easily accessible and publicly viewable contact page.

Use the power of the crowd to move commercial software forward.

The website includes an uploader of the image, (perhaps through snag.gy) and the option to cut pieces of the image and move them around, and to create annotations.

An automatic interface will try to issue the suggestion on the official website if one exists, or contact someone in management about each suggestion if not.

It will also link you to that software developer's suggestion site if one exists, so you can check if someone already suggested such a thing and if you wish to vote the idea up (or down - giving an explanation)

Not for bug reports. Only for change requests.

pashute, Jul 26 2017

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exactly by [not] [pashute, Jul 26 2017, last modified Jul 27 2017]


       It kinda reminds me of GetSatisfaction and/or UserVoice. Have you seen those systems?   

       Thanks for the link :)
notexactly, Aug 15 2017


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