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Cubed Toilet Paper

Instead of Toilet Paper Rolls.
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Toilet paper sold as cubes. The bottom of each cube would be a square piece of card board; the toilet paper would be glued to this square of card board near one of the edges, and would be folded alternately back and forth at the serrated lines until it forms tall “cube”, then it would be pressed together to the form of an actual cube. It could then be packaging in plastic.

These would be spatialy much more efficient.

Wall mounts could be sold to replace the standard “rod” mount. This would basically be a small shelf with some kind of rim around the edges to keep the cube in place, or alternatively; you could buy a “shelf” that would be suspended from a standard roll holder.

BJS, Jun 14 2006

Sort of like this, but toilet paper. http://www.3m.com/u...rod_popup_notes.jpg
Post-it notes. [BJS, Jun 14 2006]

Cubic toilet paper http://www.uclean.c...5c432387a7a311cc452
[st3f, Jun 14 2006]


       Does a box of Kleenex (TM) Brand disposable tissues come close to what you are thinking [BJS]?
methinksnot, Jun 14 2006

       In a way, yes. But they will be continuous, and will not have their own complete box.
BJS, Jun 14 2006

       Sounds workable. And it would stop those pesky puppies from spilling the whole roll on the floor. (Actually, we used to have a rabbit that did that.)
DrCurry, Jun 14 2006

       Sounds like what already is in many toilets in large office buildings and gyms. If they don't have those huge rolls or a multi-roll toilet dispenser, they have one of those plastic boxes on the wall into which is inserted a stack of folded toilet paper.   

       They work like a box of tissues attached upside down to the wall except that the box is a permanent fixture and the tissues are the size of sheets of toilet paper.
st3f, Jun 14 2006

       Toiletpaper post-its! Hehe.
kuupuuluu, Jun 14 2006


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