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Evil Toilet Paper Holder

For pranks on annoying kids, inlaws, anyone you can think of (hehehe... thanks for the inspiration, po)
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Basically, the toilet paper holder is a disguised mini RC car plugged into a hidden power socket to charge. When you want to play a prank, simply push a hidden button and it's primed to deploy for the first victim. As soon as somebody reaches for it, it unplugs, drops to the ground, and rolls out of reach. If you reach for it, it dodges again. If you chase it, it continues to dodge your grasp until you finally give up. Then it calmy rolls right up next to you, beeps impatiently for you to use it, and dodges one more time as you reach for it. Then a spare roll hidden in the cieling (sp?) above the toilet drops out of a secret compartment. Better catch it before it lands in the toilet because it's the only spare.

For maximum benefit, and guaranteed results, slip a laxative into your intended victim's food or drink, *then* prime it.

21 Quest, Oct 28 2006


       Too evil. +
Pericles, Oct 28 2006

       PERICLES! :D Thought we'd lost you.

       Here's an evil one for you [21 Quest]. Fill the bowl with clear gelatin then cover the bowl with a film of Saran wrap, (make sure there are no wrinkles). Now fill the tank with colored gelatin, and for good measure, the tub as well.   

       Hm... never thought to use gelatin. But I have covered the bowl at work with Saran wrap, after laxing one of my co-workers up, to delightfully disgusting results.
21 Quest, Oct 28 2006

       Hola [2 fries]!! I wasn't lost. Just busy traveling the world ;) Hopefully back for a fair amount of time before I vanish into a new adventure. btw, YOU ARE EVIL!
Pericles, Oct 28 2006

       Naw, just misunderstood.   


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