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Cubic Peas

Don't worry, it's not a GM idea!
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I know we've had a couple of 'add more right angles to food' ideas already (specifically, Sausages and Fruit.). The reason for this one is simple. Peas are round and squashable. Round things roll. Things that roll can be moved inadvertanly from their intended position to a secondary location. The latter may include an expensive new carpet. Things that are squashable may form an intricate bond with said new carpet on application of pressure from above.
All this unpleasantness could be prevented by exploiting this pair of prime pea properties during the pea packaging process. Permit the peas to progress posthaste past the opening to a patented pea press TM. three pairs of preheated panels press perfunctorily against the pea's perimeter, (in each axis).
The pea is thus shaped into a little green cube, and troubles not my carpet, when I cut steak in its vacinity.
Zircon, Aug 30 2002

Square Meal Farm Animals http://www.halfbake...al_20Farm_20Animals
Square peas for square meals. [phoenix, Aug 31 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Science Meets Art in 'Genetically Modified Ps' http://www.ludwig.e...-CGF/pastevents.htm
2/3s down the page. [phoenix, Aug 31 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Square watermelons http://news.bbc.co....pacific/1390088.stm
Only in Japan... [madradish, Sep 01 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Well, how do I get them on my knife?
FarmerJohn, Aug 30 2002

       I believe an aplication of honey is the solution of choice for you quandry.
Zircon, Aug 30 2002

       If you moulded them like Lego bricks, you could stack them ...
8th of 7, Aug 30 2002

       [8th of 7] don't play with your food! Actually, neat idea...
Zircon, Aug 30 2002

       And pubic keys?   

       And pukin' bees?   

       And busy peek?   

       And scuba pee?
FarmerJohn, Aug 30 2002

       There is a moderately famous photograph of square peas out there in the real world, but I can't find it online.
DrCurry, Aug 30 2002

       Pity to propose pressing a particular pea, and prohibit plurality.   

       Consider that the preheated pressing function would probably work just as well to unite a series of peas into a larger cube shape. It therefore seems appropriate that cubic pea should indeed consist of a 3x3x3 group of 27 peas, pressed into a cube shape about an inch on side. Concentrated pea goodness.
waugsqueke, Aug 31 2002

General Washington, Aug 31 2002

       All we are saying is give peas a chance
thumbwax, Aug 31 2002

       Peas stored round,
Peas stored square,
Square peas poured in a mound
Stay right there.

       Well ripened peas in a pod are nearly cylindrical already, so just let each pod develop in a narrow, suspended, plastic box.
FarmerJohn, Aug 31 2002

       It may not work with peas, but if you built a plexiglas box around a developing apple on a tree, slightly smaller than what an apple grows, drilled a few vent holes, you might end up with square apples. If I had an apple tree, I might test this out. Does anyone have access to any kind of a fruit tree so we could try this?
BinaryCookies, Aug 31 2002

       Piss poor yellow spot,
Piss poor floor mold,
Pissing poorly outside the pot
Is not as you've been told.

       B.C.: I have apple trees, but it's a little late in the season in the northern hemisphere.
FarmerJohn, Aug 31 2002

       Thankyou [Zircon] for giving me an excuse to mention square watermelons (see link - especially wmc).
madradish, Sep 01 2002

       Pfar from me to exploit the pea,
scarce little pea, square little pea.
Solitary little pea --
flesh persimmony, pushed cubically.

       You are not tender, but mighty!
Not a vagabond, you're one of an army!
I'd whip you in shape like a squad in state,
by squeezing your whole pod polygonally.
reensure, Sep 01 2002


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