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Frozen "P"s

Frozen Peas, pressed into the shape of a "P".
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We have the technology to shape potato products into waffles, faces, and all manner of other shapes.

Why not do the same with other vegetables, like making "P" shapes out of peas? Find a different vegetable for each letter of the alphabet, obvious examples might be carrot "C"s and broad bean "B"s.

Kids seem more prone to do something if it is gimmicky, so encouraging them to spell their names out of vegetables would encourage them to eat more vegetables. Even if they had to be coated in something tasty and deep fried to keep the correct shape, the variation of vitamins etc would be a benefit.

Prospective parents could name their kids according to what diet they wanted encourage their offspring towards later in life.

I love making rude words from Alphabetti Spaghetti, so maybe this would improve the diet of particularly silly adults, too. Remember, it's good to play with your food.

Fishrat, Nov 12 2003

Chocolate flavoured veg http://www.exn.ca/S...s/1997/04/21/03.asp
[sufc, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       //Even if they had to be coated in something tasty and deep fried // The vegetables, not the kids. I know somebody would have asked.
Fishrat, Nov 12 2003

       A Uk supermarket chain tried to use chocolate flavoured veg a few years ago.
sufc, Nov 12 2003

       Did they,[sufc]? Who was that, then? Sounds revolting.   

       As to the idea, much as I hate processed food (-) I have to admit that kids would probably go for it (+). You would perhaps have to puree the veg first and then extrude it into shapes. My guessing is that lots of people would develop an aversion to the letter S. Only Spinach and Sprouts from the usual vegetable suspects start with S and loads of people hate both (not me, yumyum).
squeak, Nov 12 2003

       I'll have a P please Bob.
dobtabulous, Nov 12 2003

       One of my stepson's favourite jokes is a dinner time one. When someone at the table accidentally (or purposely) lets fall a petis pois, the immediate response is, "Oh no. You peed on the floor!", followed by much giggling and covering of mouth with hand. He never gets bored of this.
squeak, Nov 12 2003

       </Sesame Street> Tonight's dinner was brought to you by: ... the letter "P" and the number "Mashed Potatoes" </ss>
Letsbuildafort, Nov 12 2003

       //The vegetables, not the kids. I know somebody would have asked.//
I'm croissanting this just for that annotation.
krelnik, Nov 12 2003

       peas are evil vegetables. I just can't stand them ... even the smell of them cooking makes me sick. Forming them into the shape of the letter "p" makes them no more appealing.

To make peas edible, we must campaign for the shape to change, the colour to change, the taste to change and the smell to change. Then, you might just have halfbaked something brilliant.
jonthegeologist, Nov 12 2003

       I love peas as they are
squeak, Nov 12 2003

       // Forming them into the shape of the letter "p" makes them no more appealing. //   

       But then you could eat them with a knife!
phundug, Nov 12 2003

       // To make peas edible, we must campaign for the shape to change, the colour to change, the taste to change and the smell to change //   

       - make them out of carrots with green dye?
dobtabulous, Nov 12 2003

       How about peas filled with gravy ... bite of steak, bite of peas, meaty-gravy-goodness, just in the shape of peas
Letsbuildafort, Nov 12 2003

       For the Ps you could add Yellow Dye No. 1.
sartep, Nov 14 2003

       Could I have a yellow dye No.1 please, Bob?
Fishrat, Nov 14 2003

       A - Artichoke
B - Broadbean
C - Carrot
D - Dasheen
E - Eggplant
F - Fennel
G - Ginger
H - Horseradish
I - Ice PLant
J - Jicama
K - Kale
L - Leek
M - Mushroom
N - Naranjillo
O - Onion
P - Pea
Q - ?
R - Runner Beans
S - Shallot
T - Turnip
U - Upland Cress
V - ?
W - Waterchestnut
X - ?
Y - Yam
Z - ?
silverstormer, Nov 14 2003

       quince, vanilla bean, zarrow ...x?
Tiger Lily, Nov 14 2003

       Ban the name xena. It's the only answer.
Fishrat, Nov 14 2003

       Well, if all else fails one could chew xantham gum I suppose.
Tiger Lily, Nov 14 2003

       Z - zucchini
krelnik, Nov 14 2003

       V - vegetable
phundug, Nov 14 2003

       Eggplant, rutabega and zucchini are all (currently) known by other names in the UK. Is this an international list or purely for use Stateside?
PeterSilly, Nov 14 2003

       I think it should be international, otherwise we're screwed with E.
silverstormer, Nov 14 2003

       //Is this an international list[?]// Nope, it's not a list. We don't do lists. However, it is a product which, as well as giving parents a new way to vitaminize their kids, clearly has the potential to promote international relations.
Fishrat, Nov 14 2003

       Sartep to the rescue! I have the missing answers...   

       E for Elderberry...
N for Nightshade...
Q for Quercus...
V for Vetch...
X for Xanthium strumarium...
Z for Zigadenus

       Teaching about the letters is fine and vegetables is even better, why not also give people a lesson in botany?
sartep, Nov 14 2003

       I thought Nightshade was deadly?
Fishrat, Nov 15 2003

       Shhhh! They're all deadly. I teach a class that no one fails. Think of the real life experience that this teaches.
sartep, Nov 15 2003

       V = Vatercress
thumbwax, Nov 15 2003

       Including Elderberry? I'm sure I've eaten copious amounts in my childhood...
Fishrat, Nov 15 2003

       Maybe elderberry is more of a root vegetable.
sartep, Nov 15 2003

       so its: eggplant, overthere? hah I make myelf laugh sometimes :)
po, Nov 15 2003

       Yeah what is it over where you are?
sartep, Nov 15 2003

       aubergine I believe
po, Nov 15 2003

       Yeah, nightshade's really bad for you. And is ironicly related to the tomato, of which I'm not very fond.
Madcat, Nov 15 2003

       ...And potato too.
sartep, Nov 16 2003


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