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Helmets for garden peas
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Remove the hair piece from a lego-man's head. Place it on a garden pea. You now have helmets for garden peas: pelmets. This could provide inspiration for corporate brainstormers, always looking in new, crazy places for that killer idea
spiritualized, Feb 11 2004

Edward De Bono's Six Thinking Hats http://www.amazon.c...77-7583319?v=glance
None of which are on legumes, sadly. [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Pea Hat http://www.cafepress.com/bf2exe.40050232
Looks a bit big though [squeak, Jul 07 2006]


       What next? Cod-pieces for carrots? Breast-plates for broad beans? Spurs for spuds?
squeak, Feb 11 2004

       Those are all brilliant ideas!
spiritualized, Feb 11 2004

       i believe that what you have is actually a toupea (a hairpiece for a pea). Why not just take the lego helmets that they wear (check out the motorcycle or spaceship versions) and use those? They even have flip up tinted visors!
luecke, Feb 11 2004

       Toupea... now why didn't I think of that? For broad beans, the hair pieces and helmets from a playmobil figure would be more appropriate.
spiritualized, Feb 11 2004

       I generally associate brainstorming with solving a problem. This does evoke a comical mental image but does this address some sort of problem that I am just not seeing? Though I enjoy a curious notion such as this, I was expecting to see some sort of invention.   

       Brainstorming the problem to which this could be a solution...a way to make viable the podless pea variety that someone has cultured? A hat to go with their pea coats?
half, Feb 11 2004

       Think outside the box? So these are frozen peas then? Those are pretty solid and seem to be fairly rugged. I don't think they'd need the protection of a helmet even if they're not in the box.
half, Feb 11 2004

       It depends if you throw them off the Eiffel tower [half]
hazel, Feb 11 2004

       Peaing off the Eiffel Tower, [hazel]? How European.
half, Feb 11 2004

       The connection from this to an idea is slender at best. Sticking toy-bits on your food might annoy your mother, but I don't see it working the grey cells for an ad firm.
k_sra, Feb 11 2004

       Bun--Keep the creative juices flowing.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 11 2004

       (considers having to de-helmet an entire box of peas before eating) -
Worldgineer, Feb 11 2004

       I'm still trying to get this. This is being compared to methodologies designed to stimulate creative thinking. It seems to be a singular creative thought that might emerge from a brainstorming session. It doesn't seem like an invention as written.   

       Is the pea helmet representative of the output from some creative associative process? The category seems to rule this out.   

       Probably it's obvious by now, but I've never engaged in any formalized methodology for creative thinking.
half, Feb 11 2004

       // I'm still trying to get this. This is being compared to methodologies designed to stimulate creative thinking. It seems to be a singular creative thought that might emerge from a brainstorming session. It doesn't seem like an invention as written. //   

       Possibly this is related to Edward De Bono's idea of having different thinking hats to think different thoughts (see link). Only instead of different hats, you put the same hat on different vegetables?   

       But then again, maybe it's really to stop the alien mind control rays using earth's peas for nefarious purposes.   

       Or maybe it's just a pun.
kropotkin, Feb 11 2004

       Fedoras for fishbones?
Letsbuildafort, Feb 11 2004

       Beanies on cabbage heads?
FarmerJohn, Feb 11 2004

       Maybe the peas need helmets to protect them from Asparagus spears.   

       And there was me thinking that "pelmets" were something to do with curtain rails...
lostdog, Feb 11 2004

       Now and then I have eaten a pea and wished that it had been wearing a helmet as protection against the rain, or pesticides, or my neighbor's dog. What, it's good enough for people on motorcycles but not good enough for peas?
pleasefondleme, Feb 11 2004

       Obviously, peas riding motorcycles should wear helmets lest their pea brains be split.
half, Feb 12 2004

       one word: why? Besides, those poor Lego people will be in danger now!
spacecadet, Feb 12 2004

       pea in a pod with peas in pods in a pod.
thumbwax, Feb 12 2004

       Oh see the helmet on the pea
And sunhat on the spud
A beetroot's beret cocked atilt
Whilst sitting in the mud
Beribboned radishes betwixt
The turnips in sou'westers
The turbanned parsnips jostle beans
In caps of polyester
The sprout's ten-gallon cowboy style
Draws gasps of admiration
The marrow's rubber bathing hat
Is bad for digestation
Observe the pumpkin's bonnet
Bedecked with coloured blooms
The leeks in tam o' shanters next'
The swedes in ostrich plumes
Oh why, oh why, I cannot say
Most people think I'm silly
But I just love my garden plot
With veggie millinery.
squeak, Feb 12 2004

FarmerJohn, Feb 12 2004

       Not to worry, [squeak], your beautiful poem was plenty swede. And you bowled another strike. You dashered all the habers.
jurist, Feb 12 2004

       Neither can the rest of us. By thunder, [spiritualized], you're a bally genius.
squeak, Feb 12 2004

       From Wikipedia: "A pelmet is a decorative framework placed above a window & is used to conceal curtain fixtures."
spidermother, Jul 07 2006


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