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Cultural consolidation committee

Eases pressure on the brain
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One-hit wonders are taking up too much space in my noggin. How am I supposed to keep up with all those one-off books, paintings, music and even sports titles? I really wish there were only about 100 people to remember in each field.

What we need is a process to reassign ownership of these singletons to designated artists who are better known and have a larger oeuvre. For instance, the Macarena by Los Del Rios (who?!) should go to Ricky Martin, Moby Dick could be handed to Robert Louis Stevenson (sorry Herman Melville), Picasso can subsume Georges Braque for the Violin and Candlestick, and Tiger Woods may as well have Michael Campbell's sole US Open title for all that it matters.

Royalties could continue to be channelled to the original creators via some back office function that I don't need to know about, and this could include some compensation for loss of public profile.

oscil8, May 29 2012

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       Maybe you just need a bigger brain?
UnaBubba, May 29 2012

       What we need - probably what you have described - is a collateralised culture instrument, wherein high, low and middlebrow culture are collected and packaged for dispersal into the brains of the world. Taking a share in such a product will require you to remember only the instrument's name (names will be snappy, I am assured), which will make things easier. Once you're bored of the fruits of your CCI, simply trade it on a regulated culture bourse.
calum, May 29 2012

       Didn't this used to be called "Now That's What I Call Music Volume n" where n = {1, 2, 3, 4, ...}?
zen_tom, May 29 2012

       //What we need is a process //

Such a process already exists. In the music industry it's called 'Record Labels', in literature it's called 'Publishers' and in art it's called, err, well, probably 'Christies'.

Stop trying to remember the names of all those pointlessly temperamental and fleetingly famous artists and remember the names of the businesses that sold you their work instead. So, next time you feel the need to buy a good book just ask for 'Wuthering Heights' by Penguin Classics (or whoever). No longer need you care which of the annoying Bronte sisters wrote it. And whilst you are at it, why not listen to 'Never Mind the Bollocks..' by Virgin Records!
DrBob, May 29 2012

       Shooting-own-foot syndrome; with no incentive for new talent to create and make a name, all that will ultimately remain is old stale creativity becoming embedded without challenge.   

       Not for me.
Phrontistery, May 30 2012

       Much as I can see the tongue sticking out the side of the cheek, what you've described sounds like generic classification by period/locale or by style originator.
FlyingToaster, May 31 2012

       // with no incentive for new talent to create and make a name, all that will ultimately remain is old stale creativity becoming embedded without challenge //   

       Fair enough, the committee would also have to adjudicate on membership of the designated artist club. If someone generates enough hits then they can break in to the list and become an "overnight sensation"!
oscil8, May 31 2012

       I had an overnight sensation once. The doofus upstairs let his bathtub overflow.
UnaBubba, May 31 2012


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