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employment survey

FInd the people who can swap jobs to improve things, then swap among them to benefit society
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There is a math basis for room for improvement at employment; for each 100 million employees perhaps there is normal distribution of how much they like, and are good at, their jobs.

If so, 50 million people are below 50th percentile and could swap jobs to move the entire distribution towards greater happiness and effectiveness.

They could gather statistics, asking more effective versions of “are you happy with your job” and "are you good at your job”.

This would generate data on things like the least good form of employment and then those jobs could be automated. Yay Robots!

It would also generate geographical data, like which cities have the most optimal employment. Moving there might not do anything, but it might.

Perhaps Norway and Sweden could be the first to seek this out as part of their particular national perspectives, I think this would be good at the US and worldwide as well.

beanangel, Oct 29 2018

Microcredentials in the Angel Economy https://anagory.wor...-the-angel-economy/
Basically microcredentials, like credentials in general, are supposed to serve as proof of attainment of skills by individuals. Microcredentials aim to document single, specific skills, rather than bundles of skills that are taken to comprise all the skill requirements of an occupation, which is the typical intent of occupational credentials such as journeyperson cards, occupational licenses and professional degrees. A microcredential, on the other hand, might certify someone for one specific task, and that one task might be a tiny fraction of their overall job description. [LoriZ, Nov 02 2018]


       Hmm, would this apply to .hb members? I have a little list...it's here somewhere..put stuff down then it all goes somewhere..
not_morrison_rm, Oct 29 2018

       This sounds a little like DivLab, Anarres' Division of Labor. I wish labor markets were this frictionless. Until they are, I will have nothing but contempt for those Marginal Revolution types who speak condescendingly of things like "time preference."
LoriZ, Nov 02 2018

       Sounds good though I wonder, if after the job swap process, if we would still have 50 million workers that despite being in a better position would still be below the 50th percentile.
whatrock, Nov 02 2018

       // A microcredential ... might certify someone for one specific task, and ... might be a tiny fraction of their overall job description. //   

       "Will sing for beer" ?
8th of 7, Nov 02 2018

       It seems to me that the fundamental problem with employment is that potential employers post ads for jobs in a secret language you're supposed to know and then you're supposed to use that language to apply for the job, followed presumably by an interview in an equally peculiar secret language, and everyone else went to secret lessons in the secret language but I didn't, although that made my life more interesting, in the Chinese temporal sense of the word.
nineteenthly, Nov 02 2018

       [19th], you're channeling the spirit of [Ian Tindale] again ... stop it ...
8th of 7, Nov 02 2018

       The first and only secret of job interviews is to start by explaining why their job specification is wrong and why, in direct contrast to their written requirements, they actually need a person like you.   

       Admittedly, I have never gotten a job through an interview, but that is incidental.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 03 2018


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