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Cure for fat kids

Pavlov + Heffner + Xbox + Treadmill = skinny kid
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How do you inspire your kids to exercise? For the boys: I think a treadmill plugged into an Xbox whereby the object of the game is to beat an opposing virtual runner has been baked (or similar). I would add a porn reward. If you win by a small margin a cheerleader bends over & picks up your towel, revealing a boobie. If you win by a large margin she picks up someone else's! ;-)... For the girls: Keeping away from the little male perverts should keep them lean.
Wyrick, Dec 27 2005

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       or you could feed the greedy little pigs less. and save money at the same time.   

       low-fat bun for the laugh.
rainbow, Dec 27 2005

       How about a cure for re-treads?
bristolz, Dec 27 2005

       <pushes hidden button>
reensure, Dec 28 2005

       Interestingly enough this idea was followed on the recent page by another called "Hidden Fridge". I haven't checked it yet but it may well be a better solution to this problem.
stilgar, Dec 28 2005

       It isn't.
stilgar, Dec 28 2005


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