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Forced Exercise Machines

Get some exercise...OR DIE! Well, you wouldn't die, but eventually the inactivity would-nevermind.
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(sorry about all the "Health: Exercise"ideas)
One of the reasons people don't work out is because they don't have to. They say things like "Well, I could go lift weights on my new exercise machine or watch TV and eat this bag of deep fried butter and have a heart attack tomorrow..." then they walk over to the exercise machine. To get the remote. Then they sit down, and watch Perry Mason force Ms. Rosenburg, who's watching Mr. Jenkins defend himself on stand, to stand up and say "I confess, it was secretly me even though we screwed up and showed that the killer was obviously a man and Perry Mason happened to figure out that some guy in Russia once ate an aluminum can and that somehow relates to this case" on channel 14.

Now, picture it this way. Same situation, but after average fat guy sits on the couch to watch some Perry Mason, the TV gets up and runs away (Or at least rolls away on some wheels), causing average fat guy to chase it around for a while. And in the morning, he wakes up with a weightbench in front of the refrigerator. After moving it, it comes back. He repeats this procedure a few times before it stays. "You have now burned enough calories. Go ahead, lardass," it says. Average fat guy, feeling satisfied with accomplishing some exercise, decides to eat something healthier so he can move that damn exercise machine a little easier next time.
AfroAssault, Dec 19 2001

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       R.I.P. po just died laughing
po, Dec 19 2001

       A stack of 100 bean tins in front of the computer and a chasing chair to sit on, before logging in - sounds like fun.
arora, Dec 19 2001

       Just don't put anything between me and the toilet.
quarterbaker, Dec 19 2001

       Perhaps a large iron plate would slowly lower itself in front of the computer you're at, and the only way to raise it is to lift some weights or run on a treadmill for a few minutes...
AfroAssault, Dec 19 2001

       "Staying in front of a computer for the entire working day is not enough physical work. It should drift around. It should creep away. It should require lifting and placing."   

       It would quickly end up nailed to the desk and rewired.
StarChaser, Dec 20 2001

       anyone remember that ad where a sofa chased the dude and tried to beat him? vaguely similar and very funny.
greennightmonkey, Apr 10 2003


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