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Currency printed with jokes
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I have a great difficulty remembering jokes and am often in situations that call for a good joke. I am uncomfortable with the various advertising-on-currency proposals governments are considering.

FunnyMoney addresses these concerns and would likely create very desirable employment opportunities in government treasury bureacracies.

husband_of_bath, Dec 05 2007

I didn't find this at all funny. http://archives.cnn...0/03/joke.funniest/
my favourite joke is what is brown and sticky? [po, Dec 05 2007]


       ...kind of like jokes on toilet paper...
xandram, Dec 05 2007

       Sorry, I take money seriously.
phundug, Dec 05 2007

       5000 jokes - Collect them all! Buy a book of 50 jokes today. Only 50 bucks and you can spend them all when you've stopped laughing.   

       Might support the currency by the collectors not spending the money. Might make people spend it faster in a search for all the variations.   

       "I'm a joke writer for the mint." " Really ?" '   

       Crossword puzzles Mazes, Things to do while waiting for the bus.
popbottle, Dec 22 2013

       One banknote to the other "Are you a baritone?", "No, I'm a tenner".   

       Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 23 2013


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