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Current Crimean "holiday"

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Erm®, whilst probing me little grey cells...Whoops Apocalypse (the film) came to mind.

Basically all footage of Russi....separatist forces in the Ukraine seem to be based on a prior work, as mentioned about.

Link to Youtube for journalist disinformation training exercise, about 8 minutes and 30 seconds in..

not_morrison_rm, Aug 28 2014

Russ..separatist practicing disinformation on journalists https://www.youtube...watch?v=hPd5Nvz4rgQ
[not_morrison_rm, Aug 28 2014]

Russ..separatist practicing disinformation on journalists https://www.youtube...hPd5Nvz4rgQ&t=8m38s
I think in the real world it works the other way around. No? [pashute, Aug 28 2014]

RT against BBC https://www.youtube...watch?v=8Fc6vBCjVmA
[pashute, Aug 28 2014]

And the real story span by RT http://gawker.com/r...sarin-ga-1342865358
[pashute, Aug 28 2014]

UK celeb training videos http://www.ideasand...raining-Videos.html
...mostly John Cleese, but like, $990 per DVD....takaii [not_morrison_rm, Aug 29 2014]


       For going to time in the youtube, you add an ampersand then the letter t, then equals sign and then a number of minutes followed by an m, and then the number of seconds and s.   

       so you get
http: // www . youtube . com / v=id123 &t=8m23s

       Thats youtube with id 123 starting at 8 minutes 23 seconds.   

       See link
pashute, Aug 28 2014

       I'm attempting to discern the intended idea in this post. Or was an idea intended?
normzone, Aug 28 2014

       hi norm. check the category for a hint
pashute, Aug 28 2014

       Thanks [pashute]. That's pretty much the first thing I do these days since the spate of posters who think that being compelled to choose a category outside of other:general cramps their artistic freedom.   

       And I'd noted the category and reference to Apocalypse Now. I guess I was just hoping for more.
normzone, Aug 28 2014

       //I guess I was just hoping for more.   

       Erm®, Atlanta in flames? Romance in a world gone mad? Sorry, this is the best I can do...   

       PS thanks Pashute, didn't know how to do Youtube link syntax.   

       PPS Found a list of training videos, but the Alexei Sayle's "How not to be like a Russian paratrooper" video doesn't seem to be listed. Link.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 29 2014


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