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Cursor Wars

Game based on multiple cursor control devices
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My current preferred PC for halfbaking is an IBM Thinkpad T41, which has a plethora of input devices for moving the mouse; a touchpad, an "eraser head" between the G,H, and B keys, and my preferred tool, an external optical mouse.

I hadn't thought much about this before today, except to use the internal "eraser head" when I forget to pack the optical mouse!

It's interesting to see that they all can be made to work simultaneously, which leads me to imagine a game in which all are used by different people - perhaps to get to a certain spot on the screen first - think "twister" [link].

Could even use a trackball or tablet pen for the retro-minded.

csea, Jan 22 2007

Twister http://www.mathemat...de/~sillke/Twister/
Possible Game basis for multiple cursors [csea, Jan 22 2007]


       I have had my own one man cursor war when the eraserhead mouse malfunctioned and kept wanting to drag the cursor to the upper left corner. The other devices teamed up to fight the cursor to where I wanted it for the split second I needed to click on it. The whole endeavor was a cursor war in more ways than one.
bungston, Jul 19 2007

       You mean this isn't the sexual epithets favoritists vs the antiquated figures of speech clan?   

       I have a new CMM at work, and the workhead on the arm doubles as input device. The CMM mouse function overrides the mouse function on the device's computer anytime the arm is moved/moving.   

       If you forget this and try to work with the computer/mouse while holding the arm in your other hand, you can fight yourself for some time.
normzone, Jul 20 2007


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