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Foley Hero

Like Guitar Hero except you have to make the sound effects for a movie clip.
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Guitar Hero is a hit game in which you have to press frets on a plastic guitar in time with a song being played on screen. The fret you have to press is displayed on screen. There are varying difficulties for different songs... it is akin to dance dance revolution.

I'd like to see the same idea instituted for a movie, but instead of playing the music, you have to provide the sound effects to a clip from a popular movie that has the music and voice. Around the periphery of the screen, in the foreground, are little icons that depict the various devices. They are activated by clicking on them with the mouse/controller at precisely the right time.

Now if that wasn't enough, the game also has a microphone pickup mode, where you supply all the devices required to create the sound effects. By comparing the sound waves it picks up to the actual sound of the movie (stored in the game itself) the game judges you on how well you performed. You can then replay the clip and listen to how you did.

Children's version contains cartoons.

Cuit_au_Four, Apr 10 2008

For those unfamiliar with the term... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foley_artist
[RayfordSteele, Apr 14 2008]


       There needs to be a poach feature in which clips can be downloaded or otherwise acquired. But I must think that people are doing exactly this given alll of the identical movies with different soundtracks that I find on youtube.
bungston, Apr 10 2008

       Are you perchance confusing Eddie Murphy with Michael Winslow who played Jones in Police Academy?
marklar, Apr 10 2008

       Ha! And dub the dialog, I hope! (Thinks of the dubbing game in Whose Line Is it Anyway?)
DrCurry, Apr 10 2008

       I'll just start warming up my Wilhelm scream.
fridge duck, Apr 10 2008

       [+] although whenever I hear 'Foley', I think of a product by C.R. Bard, and it just ain't the same.
lurch, Apr 10 2008

       I'd like to see a performance of Abbot and Costello's "Who's On First" as one of the more difficult routines.
qt75rx1, Apr 10 2008

       [Ian] is my new pun hero. That was brilliant.   

       I love this idea.   

       Heh, extra points if you can do the entire Who's on First routine.
elhigh, Apr 24 2008


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