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Commentator Mode

A toggle-able video game mode that turns off the screen and gives auditory description.
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Here's how it works: You turn this mode on and the screen turns off. All the commands for the game stay doing the same thing; a platform game: moving around and jumping; but you get no visual indication of what you are doing. Instead, a voice track goes along with everything. It describes your surroundings, your movement, obstacles in your way, enemy actions; iow anything that you would normally see. There is essentially a commentator talking about everything that happens: "The hero is now running towards the horizon!", "The hero is about to come upon a bottomless pit. Can he make it?", "Out of nowhere, a goblin appears! What's this? He's charging at the hero?" If you get fed up with it, you can turn it off. You could also just turn on the voice clips, but still have the visuals, but that wouldn't be any challenge.
Alizayi, Dec 05 2011


       + Happy memories of large German women screaming instructions ("Left! Left! LEEEEEEFFFFFFT!!!!") at hapless, blindfolded teammates on Jeux Sans Frontiers come flooding back.
DrBob, Dec 05 2011

       So it's WarQuest for the blind, but played by the sighted for novelty?
Alterother, Dec 05 2011

       Reminds me of 90s TV kids show Knightmare, but presumably with more articulate guidance.
theleopard, Dec 05 2011

       Good point! It can be sold as a blind-friendly video game! But most of all, it's a further challenge. That's the point of games, I think, anyway.
Alizayi, Dec 05 2011

       I thought this was so you could play your game in the office and look like you are just listening to music to block out distractions while studying that document displayed on your screen.
scad mientist, Dec 06 2011

       Or, turning this on could bring up silhouettes of cheesy-looking robots who lambaste your every move with scathing commentary.
RayfordSteele, Dec 06 2011

       Use the voices of Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet Show. They only point out the dumb stuff you do. "Oho! He fell in the pit!" "Yeah, he would do that. (grumblegrumble)"   

       The problem is that most games are way too fast-paced for this. But it could prove pretty interesting with enough commentation. Maybe shorthand commands so you get more in enough time.
BC, Dec 06 2011


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