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Cursors that work

A new desktop computing primitive for combining behaviours together. You can spawn another cursor and give it work to do and the other half remains on the screen and does some work and you can command it
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In real time strategy games you can build units and command them to build buildings or units such as tanks.

You command them to move to places and then attack or collect resources.

In this desktop you can fork/split/spawn your cursor and tell what the cursor to do on repeat.

Then when it is finished it stays where it is and you can take the completed work and do something with it.

It's like a real time strategy game for your desktop.

chronological, Dec 26 2023


       Four mouses, one for each hand and one for each foot
pocmloc, Dec 26 2023

       >how do you tell   

       Same way you do it in the described game. Through a UI.
pashute, Dec 27 2023


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