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Digital Contracts

More than a word processed document
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An app whereby you can see a contract and how it breaks down what you've agreed to, what you're not allowed to do and what your available actions available to you that you're allowed to do from the contract's perspective. And your obligations.

Public spaces broadcast contracts and your phone picks them up.

I can open my phone in the cinema and see all the copyrights agreements I've agreed to by being there. NO RECORDING it would clearly say.

I would see my phone contract and have a button for 'Upgrade phone'.

chronological, Jan 03 2020

Website Terms of Service Summarizer (browser extension) https://tosdr.org/
baked for websites [sninctown, Jan 03 2020]

Procedures for blood collection from hamsters https://your.yale.e...collection-hamsters
[tatterdemalion, Jan 07 2020]


       I would rather let Alfred E Neuman perform open heart surgery on me with a rusty spoon, half a birthday candle, and three pints of hamster blood.
Voice, Jan 03 2020

       Why only half a birthday candle?
chronological, Jan 03 2020

       Huh. I was just going to post Legalese Translator app and it's already a thing.   

       re. link. I think I read that 13 wrong. " Light sedation may be used, based on comfort level of personnel." I want to work in venipuncture of Cricetinae.
wjt, Jan 08 2020


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