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Email 2 Server & email 2 site

Inspired by Email2Fav, this idea is that I should email a web server company a specially formatted email and get a complete server listening on a domain
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Send an email to the service@magicwebhost.tld and then a domain is purchased and a server is set up for you and the server is running with all your things on it.


Send an email with wordpress mydomain.com to service@magicwebhost.tld and then you have wordpress on your site

You could even put a marker in the email and say what should be on each page.

chronological, Feb 27 2023

Email2Fav Email2Fav
an idea of sending URLs to your bookmarks by pucho2000 [chronological, Feb 27 2023]

halfbakery Universal API functionality [pocmloc, Feb 27 2023]


       I'm not sure whether I understand this idea. Maybe you could flesh it out? Or does the idea consist entirely of recommending two business services?
Voice, Feb 27 2023

       I think its a kind of universal interface whereby you can control anything by sending email messages to a control gateway?
pocmloc, Feb 27 2023

       Some of the old email list management software could be adapted to do that pretty easily. The well known functions triggered by commands in email are, of course, subscribe and unsubscribe; but you could easily trigger just about any function with arguments parsed out of the email body. I guess the hardest part would be to include secure payment details in the email given that email is pretty a insecure protocol.
swimswim, Feb 27 2023


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