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Eggs Benedict Crisp

Neither sweet nor good for you
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Cereals fall into two categories, sweet or good for you. The ones high in sugar aren't good due to the added sugar and the ones that aren't sweet try to be healthy.

Forget that, I want a crunchy breakfast cereal that sits with the junk food cereals but doesn't have much sugar. Eggs benedict is delicious, milk adds to the flavors. Dehydrated ham bits are unique.

Brought to you by the makers of Bagels, Lox and Things cereal.

sartep, Mar 08 2004


       Comes with a packet of powdered Hollandaise sauce to mix in with the milk.
bristolz, Mar 08 2004

       Or for vegetarians, just take synthetic bacon bits and add milk.
kropotkin, Mar 08 2004

       Disappointed - thought this would be "Eggs Benedict Crisps" (chips for you yanks).
suctionpad, Mar 08 2004

       The addition of an S would have made them like chips in yankeeland as well, no S denotes some cold cereal and no L is a holiday.
sartep, Mar 08 2004

       Why wouldn't it be healthful if you minimize the amount of starch and sugar?
supercat, Mar 08 2004

       Score! And cheaper than IHOP too!
Letsbuildafort, Mar 08 2004


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