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canoli-o's the new cereal

New Cereal The italian treat Canoli-O's
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You see, growing up in an italian family, irish people were said to be evil chasing there shamrocks around, so lucky charms were out of the question, so i figured how could i get the delicious lucky charms into a falvorful italian treat, look at the canoli and then make it into marshmallow bite sized treats, kids from all over the land will eat Canoli-O's :-D oh yeah im cool with the irish just the elders are crazy about traditions - bisquick
bisquick, Apr 23 2003


       Why the negative votes? Irish *are* evil - except for the Guinness Brewery folks. Guinness is magically delicious!
thumbwax, Apr 24 2003

       Everyone knows "cannoli" has two c's.
phoenix, Apr 24 2003


       It's hard to find a substance that's less Irish than Lucky Charms. They're horrid, they're commercial, and they have no nutritional value. Anyone who has ever had a real Irish breakfast does not consider this stuff an acceptable substitute. Where are the eggs, the rashers, the tomato, the black pudding? Get out of here with your green marshmallow shamrocks, yellow moons, orange stars, blue whatevers. The rottin' of the teeth, that's what Lucky Charms are about.   


       Since I am only a quarter Irish (though unlike most "American Irish", I have actually been to my grandmother's native land), I may be qualified to eat a big bowl of cannoli-O's. But here as well, I suspect I would draw the fury of someone's Italian mama, coming after me with her frying pan and asking me why I gotta eat that crap when I didn't touch her homemade manigott' from the night before.   

       Un cornetto for you, [bisquick].
1percent, Apr 24 2003

       "Leave the gun, take the canoli-o's."
waugsqueke, Apr 24 2003


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