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Custom Halfbakery T's

Make halfbakery tees more reflective of one's own style.
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I think it would be cool if you could customize certain thing on the HalfBakery Tshirt. Specifically, I would like to have MY favorite tagline below the croissant tagline on the front, and be able to pick-n-mix which ideas are on the back. Is this feasible?
nick_n_uit, Feb 24 2001

The original idea... http://www.halfbake.../Halfbakery_20Shirt
I believe this is when the T was still only halfbaked [nick_n_uit, Feb 24 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

The HalfBakery Tshirt http://www.halfbake...al/merchandise.html
[nick_n_uit, Feb 24 2001]

Custom one-off print shop http://www.cafepress.com
Non minimum runs and the ordering and shipping are automated. [Urog, Feb 24 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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       UnaBubba: Sorry, my english is not alway infallible. I've been studying it for less than 20 years.
nick_n_uit, Feb 24 2001

jutta, Feb 24 2001

       I think all regulars need tee-shirts with their screen-names on the front with the croissant. Then you can all show up this summer at my farm for a bar-be-que wearing your tee-shirts so I know who you are :-)
Susen, Feb 24 2001

       There's always magic markers...
PotatoStew, Feb 24 2001

       Jutta: I think degoof's got the idea ^. Post the idea pics, croissant, taglines, etc. on Tshirt. Perhaps allow users to post their own illustrations.
nick_n_uit, Feb 25 2001

       By now, there are about a 15 halfbakery t-shirts out there actually being worn. Owning one is like owning the t-shirt of a convention or party; they're memorabilia of a fairly small group of people, a fairly short point in time, and the thing that makes them special is that someone would actually go through the production process and create an industrial-strength t-shirt for this thing.   

       (Most "iron-on" I've seen looked terrible, and I've deliberately avoided it.)   

       If you just want to make your own t-shirt, use cafe press. If you want to iron-on your name or additional slogans under the halfbakery t-shirt, there's plenty of space, and I won't be able to stop you. If you want me to help with that, you're out of luck.
jutta, Feb 26 2001


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