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The acme of style, from the pixel fields of innovation
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I want a half bakery tee-shirt that says [marked for deletion] on the front. With maybe a fishbone on the back. That would be cool, and pretty lo-fi.
Zircon, Mar 25 2002

Another lame attempt http://www.geocitie...cheese/yinyang.html
Well, two lame attempts, actually. [mighty_cheese, Jul 10 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Make it here http://www.spreadshirt.com/
Upload any design and get it back on the t-shirt of your choice. [wagster, Sep 04 2005]

Or here. http://www.cafepress.com/
Est. 1999 [jutta, Sep 04 2005]


       Yes, personally m-f-d...aren't we all, sooner or later?
Dog Ed, Mar 25 2002

       m-f-d hats, fishbone ties, 1/2 croissant slippers (shaped with the pointy end up, of course)...
thumbwax, Mar 25 2002

       Cufflinks, one with a half-fishbone the other with a half-croissant.
st3f, Mar 25 2002

       [M-F-E] might be better, unless you're terminal.
phoenix, Mar 25 2002

       Earrings, á la st3f's cufflinks: one is a dangly fishbone, the other a dangly croissant. Go good with the tee-shirt; a halfbakery ensemble.
bristolz, Mar 27 2002

       No logo... just a plain white t-shirt with [m-f-e] in the hb font (just the letters and symbols, not the words).   

       It would confuse people and not much else...
RobertKidney, Mar 27 2002

       A maternity tee shirt with the word "halfbaked" at the tummy.
beauxeault, Mar 27 2002

       I baked this idea yesterday care of cafepress.com. My [m-f-d] T-shirt should arrive in a few weeks, and I'll be sure to post pictures on IBD.
mighty_cheese, Jul 08 2002

       Well I can't possibly allow myself to be less trendy than the mighty_cheese, so now I'm going to have to get one too. Oh the expense!
DrBob, Jul 08 2002

       Just be sure to get Jutta's permission before you go designing any halfbakery merchandise. If it's for personal use she's unlikely to object.
mighty_cheese, Jul 08 2002

       Good point.
DrBob, Jul 08 2002

       does Zircon's m-f-d count as a real one? will give it a croissant p.d.q
po, Jul 08 2002

       If you just have the words, there shouldn't be copyright problems, as it's not a trademark and jutta doesn't own the font. But using the logo would be more dodgy.
pottedstu, Jul 08 2002

       I asked Jutta first just to be polite. She didn't mind.
mighty_cheese, Jul 09 2002

       // How about a yin-yang symbol made from intertwined croissant and fishbone? //   

       Wow. What a great idea. Any artists in the HB wanna give this a go?
BigBrother, Jul 09 2002

       I've got some clay laying around. I might have a crack at those cufflinks st3f mentioned, and a set as earrings for bris.
mighty_cheese, Jul 10 2002

       I think [m a r k e d - f o r - e x p i r y] would be more appropriate.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 04 2005

       This was before your time, AwoL, but one of the reasons that this thread lay dormant for so long is probably that mighty_cheese committed suicide shortly after posting. You can still see his picture in the "what's new" column, if you scroll back a bit. So, uhm. I'd go with the yin/yang motif.
[Nah, nobody's offended, and Miles would have laughed the hardest. Just wanted to fill you in on the context.]
jutta, Sep 04 2005

       Oh sh1t. Sorry if the [m-f-e] gag offended anyone - I didn't know.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 04 2005

       <sigh> I'd love to be able to buy one of his tee-shirts. I was so lucky to have received an hb ID card designed by him.   

       AWL, I'm glad you brought this back up - happy/poignant memories.
po, Sep 04 2005


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