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Halfbaker's Pride Shirt

I know that there are other HB shirt ideas.....
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I just want a shirt with the corner croissant on the back (enlarged) and on the front upper-right corner, it would say "I'm proud to be a halfbaker" and along the chest in bigger letters "www.halfbakery.com". Preferably, the cloth would be white.

DesertFox, Jan 31 2005

Sovereign Ring http://www.jeweller...ducts/t_halfsov.jpg
For those that don't know what a sovereign ring is... its a ring, with a sovereign in it. [Jinbish, Feb 02 2005]

(???) mambo half baked t-shirt http://jobble.org/mambo.jpg
image changed to protect the innocent. [neilp, Feb 02 2005]

off topic - lake Pukaki http://www.virtualtourist.com/vt/1cb80c/
one of NZ's finest. [neilp, Feb 07 2005]

Why Russians don't half-bake, [longshot9999] http://www.thesadba...d.com/hall/hall.htm
Look for the entry on Vladimir Pavlov at the bottom of the page. [pertinax, Aug 11 2006]


       shapu is pasty, and looks far better in dark grey than in white.   

       Perhaps a range of color options?
shapu, Jan 31 2005

       Why not?   

       When I said "Preferably, the cloth would be white", I just meant for me.   

       Others could choose any color fabric.
DesertFox, Jan 31 2005

       While I'd proudly fly the croissant and crossbones on my clothing, I'm not sure the 'bakery eddress needs any higher visibility than it already has.....
normzone, Jan 31 2005

       Nah. Something like this would attract too many curious and trolls. I would like a t-shirt that only another halfbakers could relate to. I would wear it when I travel around Europe (next summer) to see if I bump into someone. Living in Mexico i never get to meet other bakers :(
Pericles, Feb 01 2005

       I want to be buried in my "Door Path Beater", hb shirt. It was a lovely collarboration, and a much appreciated gift. (Maybe I could wear my standard hb shirt upside down, on the lower half, sort of like knickers, and then I would be full donned in hb wear. Right before they toss me into the furnace)!
blissmiss, Feb 01 2005

       A halfbaked cremation wouldn't be pretty.
FarmerJohn, Feb 01 2005

       Uh, medium rare?
blissmiss, Feb 02 2005

       Just had thought for a Halfbakery 'sovereign' ring but with the croissant design.
-Then the thought went a bit mental and I imagined the owner of the ring twist the insignia and, as light shines forth from the ring, he becomes "Il Pattissero: Champion of ill-conceived inventions and crap ideas!"
(I think he wears was underwear outside his trousers and has a giant croissant shaped hat)
Jinbish, Feb 02 2005

       halfbakers may be amused to see my mambo half-baking t-shirt (link), which to date has persuaded zero halfbakers to strike up a conversation.
neilp, Feb 02 2005

       //Just had thought for a Halfbakery 'sovereign' ring but with the croissant design// - every chav Halfbaker should have one!
hippo, Feb 02 2005

       halfbakery knuckleduster should do it.
po, Feb 02 2005

       [neilp] where was the photo taken? that's a beautiful landscape, shame about the badly carved statue standing in front of it.
david_scothern, Feb 07 2005

       [david] almost certainly it's taken in NZ somewhere, as that's where [neilp] has just been on hols.
jonthegeologist, Feb 07 2005

       indeed, [jtg] has been paying a lot of attention, it was at Lake Pukaki about 2 hours from Christchurch - it's a stunning place.
neilp, Feb 07 2005

       I think it would be pretty awesome if it said [contracts] on the front, instead of "proud to be a halfbaker." No one would have any idea what that meant except someone used to seeing usernames in brackets.
contracts, Feb 07 2005

       Well, [longshot9999], I suggest language, culture and economics as reasons.   

       For example, though there are many Russians who could in principle make admirable contributions to this site, they tend to be too serious and their circumstances too straitened. In the linky, see the entry for Vladimir Pavlov at the bottom of the page.   

       Something similar may apply to Indians.
pertinax, Aug 11 2006


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