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new halfbakery shirts

best ideas of each year? worst ideas?
  [vote for,

i want more shirts...with more ideas on the back...maybe a shirt with best ideas or every year? worst ideas of all time?

just something, of course only if the first tshirt proved to be economically feasible...

and yes this isn't a real idea, it's been pretty baked, but i know i'd like to see more shirts

buddymatt, Mar 20 2004

Shameless Plug - Delete at Will http://www.cafeshops.com/fandd
F&D [Halfbikery] Racing! [Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004]


       I agree. I wasn't around when most of those ideas were invented. And come on, "Tails for All"? That is *so* 90's.
phundug, Mar 20 2004

       Oh, get your own printed...   

       & find a better category while you are at it..
po, Mar 20 2004

       Actually, I was gonna suggest that the new shirt say "OTHER: GENERAL" across the top, and have pictures of the ideas underneath.
phundug, Mar 20 2004

       I can't think of anyone who would prosecute if their image is jacked ...
dpsyplc, Mar 20 2004

       jeeeeeezzz, i forgot the category by accident while trying to watch 3 basketball games at once...give a guy a break   

       and i could print my own, but i want the fun little drawings and stuff, just like the original shirt, which i greatly enjoy...and the idea is not just for me, if the first shirt actually made a few bucks, i don't see why some others couldn't as well...
buddymatt, Mar 20 2004

       //if the first shirt actually made a few bucks// I doubt it very much.
po, Mar 21 2004

       I certainly don't mind.
FarmerJohn, Mar 21 2004

       shameless plus is broken...
po, Mar 22 2004

       The Shameless Plus has been fixed!
Letsbuildafort, Mar 22 2004

       its still a shameless plus :)
po, Mar 22 2004

       I've decided not to vote - it would be good to change the shirts once in a while but lets face it... most of the top 10 ideas can't be drawn in a very humerous way - at least not as well as the others... and that doesn't look likely to change as we're getting a rash of bad ideas... (including those from me)...
Ossalisc, Mar 25 2004


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