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Custom Movie Still Posters

Pick your favorite scene.
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I was watching a show about how the Wizard of Oz was digitally remastered. Each frame is a 50 MB image. It seems to me that digitzed film and print-on-demand capability (as has revolutionized vanity publications) offers the possibility of stills to be printed as custom posters for individuals. Previously one could buy movie stills, but because of the logisitcs of printing you were offered a certain selection. There remains the problem of identifying to the postermaker which still you want - probably you tell them the scene and they show you 10 images, from which you pick your favorite, or tell them that the picture you want occurs earlier or later.

The delivered poster could be wallet sized all the way up to full movie screen size, printed on a billboard-sized square.

bungston, Oct 13 2006

Homebrew doable http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/
with DVD image capture software and the rasterbator, linked. [calum, Oct 16 2006]


       They could offer low res downloads of films on their website with burnt in timecode displayed at the bottom of the frame. Find your shot and tell them the time and frame displayed. Or just choose any random frame from Apocalypse Now - they're all good.   

       Just noticed - you have the most astonishing amount of ideas in your account.
wagster, Oct 13 2006

       //you have the most astonishing amount of ideas in your account//   

       +If you're impressed by that kind of stuff :)   

       I love this idea. When I was decorating I was ordered a bunch of posters, and they have a fair amount of selection, but I would have loved to be able to choose certain scenes.
theircompetitor, Oct 13 2006

       as someone who has taken hundreds of stills from movies by photographing them from a TV screen, I appreciate this idea, although the "TV shots" have their own grainy, arty integrity, +
xenzag, Oct 14 2006

       I wrote to a deodorant manufacturer once asking for a poster of the guy, on the advertisement boards, with, I remember, a towel slung nonchalently around his shoulder (who I was lusting after at the time) - they sent me one - hoarding board size!
po, Oct 14 2006

       can't : put a plasma on the inside of your locker's door, can you? also check: windows, any kind of doors, cubicle walls
sweet, Oct 14 2006

       /push pause when your desired shot is on screen. /   

       I think then you are limited to the quality of the image on your screen - but I am not positive. It is hard for me to believe each frame of Wizard of Oz as it plays on my DVD contains 50 MB of information. It must be condensed somehow. But I bet a quality printer could make a poster that captured a lot of that 50MB.   

       /amount of ideas/ - I keep having them, so I keep posting them.
bungston, Oct 15 2006


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